Anthony Brew
Age: 19
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Years doing trampwall: ??

Q: What is your favorite aspect of trampwall? 

A: When I first got into trampwall, it was like it was combining a bunch of different arts together. I started off with parkour and free running and once I started realizing I could combine them a bit and explore a different world, that really intrigued me. I feel like wall mixes everything I knew and put them into one.

Q: What has wall taught you?

A: I’ve learned that there’s a lot of art to wall. It’s not just about throwing skills or sending stuff. That’s a big part but there’s an art form to it and I have a greater appreciation for that aspect of it now. It’s also taught me a lot of patience both on wall and in life. When I started training everything felt like a rush. But when I got to wall I had to take a step back and review what I had done to clean it up, make it better, and make it my own.