luke schupp head shot
Luke Schupp
Age: 25
Hometown: Howard City, MI
Years doing trampwall: 4

Q: What is your favorite aspect of trampwall culture? 

A: For the most part no matter where you go in the world or who you meet that does trampwall, there is a very family oriented spirit - one of sharing knowledge and wanting to help each other which is fantastic. Also it’s very relaxed; honestly that may be my favorite part.

Q: What lessons has trampwall taught you?
A: [Trampwall has taught me] physical lessons like better control over my body.
Mentally it has taught me an awareness for surroundings and an ability to push through fear. It’s very evident with a lot of people that comfortability is king. I come from a family of brothers that are doing things that feel safe. Wall has helped teach me to be more proactive about pushing into unknown experiences [and] to help me push past hurdles and difficulties. It helped me to cope with the passing of my dad, and to be more confident in everyday life.
A friend of mine says that everything you’re feeling is shown through the way you train that day.