Mo head shot
Mo Armstrong
Age: 23
Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA
Years doing trampwall: 5

Q: What are the most essential qualities to excel in this discipline?
A: Physically:
you need some legs and a core.
you can kind of be anything because it’s going to come out artistically,
Though you need to find some stability in yourself. You can train angry, happy, sad, as long as you can find that space within yourself at your core.
I think this is a very important aspect; your mentality is essential but not everything.
If you have the willingness to try something new with both your body and your mind, you can find out you are capable of things you never thought you were capable of.
To be able to look at something scary and be fueled by it rather than turning away from it.

It’s a skill you can learn, I learned it indirectly from the FEAR acronym. Everyone is scared of something at some point but there’s a skill to letting your body do the skill rather than your brain. It’s about the communication between your mental self and your physical self.
Fear is energy, and you can look at that energy and use it in many different ways.