Paul Starosciak head shot
Paul Starosciak
Age: 33
Hometown: South Lyon, MI
Years doing trampwall: 0.25 (but did trampoline his whole life)

Q: What is your favorite aspect of trampwall culture?
A: One thing I like about the culture is that people encourage each other. We are just as excited by a person learning to do a basic skill as we are about advanced skills. There’s just as much excitement for when I accomplish something as I express when someone else does. It’s a very healthy atmosphere.

Q: What in your opinion are the most essential qualities to cultivate in order to excel in this discipline?
A: In order to excel basically in anything you have to be able to accept that failure is a part of the process.
You will crash a lot. Just make sure you do it well. Pay attention to basics.
Development in the sport is like a labyrinth of doors. Some doors will be open to you one day, and then they will be closed for a little while. The art of it is knowing which doors are open that you can go through and being patient when doors you’ve always gone through are closed.